Acumen Marketing Services Business Development Telemarketing

We do not operate contracts with our clients. As a result, Acumen’s continued customer base is very dependent upon our quality of work and the returns our clients receive from our uncovered opportunities.

Acumen has, month on month, been continually developing new business opportunities for our wide range of clientele for 10 years, directly due to our high quality results.

Our quality stems from our strict adherence to our clients’ project brief and qualifying each opportunity that we uncover. Any opportunities that sit outside of the agreed qualification criteria that we feel may be of interest to our client are individually discussed with them for approval.

As Acumen is quality and results driven we will not push opportunities through that do not conform to the project criteria at the end of the month just to make up the numbers.

Every project is assigned a well trained, industry-experienced specialist to manage and deliver the account, making calls as a direct representative of the businesses we work for. This ensures that a valuable impression is created of our clients whilst ensuring they are placed in a strong position to continue the established relationship to a successful sale.

Acumen Marketing Services Business Development Telemarketing


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