Acumen FC 2

With a settled side established and fancy new kits Acumen signed up for the Monday night outdoor 5-a-side league at Goals in Northampton – this is Italian night. No exaggeration – this place is amazing. We had to play a grading game to determine which of the 5 leagues we would go into and murdered some hapless youths (we won the game too) and were promptly entered into the second league - Serie B.

Week one was a humbling experience – it probably didn’t help that it was Bank Holiday Monday and some of the team (including our star goalie) had a few pints in the afternoon and we consequently got well beaten 11-3 by FC Storm with Russell setting a new record for hitting the post 6 times in one game!

Undeterred week two saw a marked improvement and we scrapped to a 10-10 draw (I know – it does sound a bit ridiculous!) Great game though and we had our first point on the board. Furthermore we were developing a good rapport with some of the other lads in other teams playing on Mondays – as well as the fit girl behind the bar…

Week three saw our first win – playing against FC D’Akabusi who had won their first two games we fought back from 3-0 down to win 6-5. Everyone played brilliantly and Dave somehow managed to avoid getting sent off for consistently grappling with his opposite number – it was a bit like a scene out of ‘300’ only slightly less homo-erotic. He’s going to work on that side of things in training…

Week four saw a 14-5 victory against The Greyhound – actually a very nice pub in Milton Malsor but a fairly rubbish football team. Nonetheless tensions were running high in the Acumen camp as Russell attempted to get the team to ‘Respect his authority’. He was subsequently pilloried but it was all smiles by closing time at the bar and Acumen marched onto 7 points and 4th in the league.

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